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Growing Up With WEED | Yes, I Mean Marijuana

You may not agree with me, but marijuana wrecks you, it wrecks families and, it can kill you. Here is my story growing up with WEED.

Until you understand that what you are doing is wrong, you will never know how stupid smoking pot is. And, until you make those who love you sad and brokenhearted, you won’t care.

But, in the end, these are the real effects of this drug. Growing up as you will see was neither fun or, “relaxed” man…it was horrible.

Shut Up Pot Head…

The Doobie Brothers growing up was not just a cool 70′s group, it was a way of life for some.

Smoking doobies was a constant and common practice in my home, so much so, some nights I had to put a towel at the base of my bedroom door just to keep from getting high at 8 years old.

Of course alcohol was a constant issue as well, but for those who say it “was all about the booze,” well, you’re an idiot.

I spent most of my formative years watching someone I was supposed to entrust with my own life, squander his in drunkenness and or, high as a kite.

I was supposed to be a child growing up and having a dad who was eager to show me the world, make me laugh, help when I needed it and hold me when I was scared.

Instead, between the weed and the booze, I lived in fear of him. He was the reason I was scared.

Now, before I go on any further, I want to say this about my dad. For the last 23 years of my life he has been my hero.

When I was around 17 years old my father was sent to rehab. There he met Pastor Joel, and many friends I call family today.

The Lord had specific plans for my father, and those plans included helping hundreds of people and families heal from the usage and abuse of drugs, this included pot.

From that day on, I wanted to be just like him, someone others could depend on and, simply put, be a friendly ear. Thanks dad.

For some though, the nightmare continues…and that is absolutely sad.

It May Never Kill You…But…

Just because it can have “medical” uses does not make it alright to legalize like it has been in some states.

I was ill for 2 years. I was stuffed with steroids and Imuran, and just because it helped me, does not mean the doctors wanted me on it all the time.

Side effects can be painful.

See, for medical reasons I understand, for common use, well, here is what you are truly doing.

You are hurting others. From car wrecks to just being high and out of touch, you are hurting the ones you love. If that is not enough of a reason to quit, you’re lost.

I felt alienated. Because of the strife it caused in my home life, it made me feel alienated from my own peers.

I would stay overnight at a friend’s house and see a mom, a dad and siblings all sitting together eating, laughing and enjoying each others company.

When I returned home, I ate dinner with my mom and sister, my father would turn on the game, eat, lite up a joint and then, nothing.

Well, unless the irritableness kicked in, that is a whole other story for another time.

I felt unwanted. Yes, I played soccer, baseball and football, and my dad even coached. But that was it. At home it was “go practice” or “play outside.”

Then the drinking and smoking started the rest of the day.

I also felt afraid. If you think smoking weed only relaxes you, well try again. It also makes you paranoid, and in an altered state of mind, you can snap.

Don’t tell me you can’t, I have seen it, heck, I have felt it… you’re lying and protecting your filthy habit.

I felt helpless. Nothing is worse for a child than helplessness. It is scary in and of itself. But what do you do when your pops is high?

Nothing. If you bug him, you might awake the paranoid side.

Smoking weed may not kill you from an overdose, but it will kill your spirit. It will also, in time, kill your relationships with those who truly love you.

If you have medical reason that is fine. If your medical reason is because you wear your pants low, your friends do it and you think “it’s a safe drug…” once again, you’re an idiot.

I still have family today that get high. They also carry attitudes of “it’s okay” and does not affect their lives.

But, they barely hold jobs long. They look like they should have not been hired in the first place, and seriously, it gives them every reason to do other drugs and drink.

It is a gateway drug, which makes it the deadliest of them all. And if more people understood it in that way, maybe they would use their common sense and not legalize it.

I am a Christian and some would say I am trying to legislate my religion on you. Hardly he truth. My religiousness is my duty to God, my morals are my duty to YOU.

But, as we move through this world we see common sense withering on the vine. You will say it is okay, safe and whatever, but that is crap and a lie.

Weed not only hurts you, but it also hurts others.

I know this because I lived through it and, I still see some in my own family who to this day protect it as if it were their first born. Yet their first born child is neglected, ignored and, yes, harmed.

Weed makes you an idiot. It makes you oblivious to the needs of others. It puts you in the position of not being there for your children, friends and family.

It makes you lazy, smelly and uninteresting. It makes you stupid. It leads to other poor choices, and some of them end in something worse, like wrecks, death and even abortions from one stupid night high.

Weed is a killer of the soul, not a shaman’s way of meeting the universe. It is the escape artists way out of responsibility to his family and fellow man.

It is his excuse to commit slow suicide.

Unless you have cancer or glaucoma, you’re a moron. You are not only hurting you, you are hurting others. Shame on you….